Belkyra® 能高效定點針對脂肪雙下巴。科研實證,有效永久消滅雙下巴脂肪,讓你擺脫雙下巴所帶來的煩惱。
作為世界級首創的溶脂配方,Belkyra®內含專利成分去氧膽酸deoxycholic acid (DCA),透過直接作用於治療位置的脂肪層,破壞脂肪細胞的細胞膜,導致不可逆轉的脂肪細胞分解。

Belkyra® is the first-in-class treatment, clinically proven to destroy fat cells under chin to improve submental contour.
With the patent formulation of deoxycholic acid (DCA), which is bioequivalent to the naturally occurring molecule, Belkyra® specifically target to destroy undesired fat, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin.

Belkyra® 溶脂療程擁有科研實證效果顯著 安全可靠
Clinically proven to be effective and safe

Average 2 – 4 treatment sessions for permanent fat cell breakdown

Each taking about 30 minutes


Belkyra treatment for undersiable suvmental fullness

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Terms and Conditions:
The treatment is only available to new customers aged 18 or above. Advance booking is required. The effect of the treatment varies depending on the individual’s constitution, skin type and other factors. Sausantong reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.